Lachine/Bonneville Half Marathon. August 20th. I did it again, broke my own personal Half Marathon (21.1-km), Walker Racing record by 6 minutes and 14 seconds. Official time of 2.33.51 Stats by Summary: Six minutes, 9 seconds faster than my previous personal best half marathon time of 2.40.05 recorded at MS, Cornwall 29th April 2017and 16 minutes, 23 seconds faster than my 2014, very first Demi-marathon Bonneville de Lachine time of 2.48.14 on the 24th August 2014. My next Half Marathon race, The Army Run, Ottawa, September 17th. One week later The Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon on September  24th. I had lots of support thanks to CBC Home Run Interview on Friday and Face Book post on Sunday morning. Lots of cheering and shouting “You are our, or my Inspiration” What Inspired me? There was one other Walker Racer competing in the 1-km, racing a red HUGO Elite Rolattor, walker. His girl friend was Walker Racing a wheel chair. Holding onto the handle and walking at the side of the wheel chair. I was watching and cheering them on.