—the WALKER RUNNER! 2017

My name is Robert “Bob” Hardy, The Walker Runner.  I race a walker because I lost my balance after blood clots and surgeries and could no longer race a bicycle.

2017 was my most successful racing year, At 67 I am stronger, fitter, faster and 20lbs lighter than 2013 when I started Walker Racing.
The new and modified “HUGO race walker” is lighter, aerodynamic, easy to handle and much faster.

2017 races:  40 minutes faster than 2016

Run to End MS Cornwall. Half Marathon. Time 2.40.05.  Sports  6 minutes and 30 seconds faster than 2016

My second full (42.2-km) Marathon. Ottawa Marathon, Time 6.03.58. Sports  24 minutes and 22 seconds faster than 2016

August 20th.   Demi-Marathon de Lachine. My best ever half marathon time. 2.33.50. Jikko Results.  6 minutes, 15 seconds faster than my previous best 2017 MS, Cornwall Half Marathon.

September 23rd.The very hot and crowded Montreal Rock’n Roll Half Marathon. My most memorable half-marathon. I finished overall 10,076 out of 18,644 in a time of 2.41.26. Jikko results,  despite some cobble stone roads and crowded streets from start to finish

September 30:  Community Running, Alexandria. My Grand Finale with a 10-km Race Walk (with some running) in 1 hr, 4 minutes and 8 seconds, 9 minutes,39 seconds faster than my last best 10-km in May 2015.

My “oh dear” races.  June 17: Pointe Claire Half-Marathon.   2.49.42  Three weeks after the Ottawa Marathon with a virus and antibiotics  September 17: Army Run Ottawa Half-Marathon.  2.45.37 . Needed medical assistance after the race was over. Lack of hydration. Long story.

Goals for 2018: 10km in 1 hr. Half-marathon 2hr, 15min. Full marathon 5 hrs.

Race Walking is an Olympic Sport, Walker Racing is not yet.